Tumbled Fluorite Pocket Stone


    Fluorite comes in clear, blue, purple, yellow & brown and is made of cubic or octahedral crystals. It draws out negative energies and stress of all kinds. It cleanses, purifies, dispels and recognizes anything within the body that is not in perfect order. This is the best crystal to use to overcome any form of disorganization.

    Heading into the cold and flu season, you will want this crystal close by. Fluorite is a powerful healing tool, dealing with infections and disorders. It is also effective in helping with dizziness, joint pain, inflammatory diseases and strengthening the body.

FLUORITE AFFIRMATION: I am clear and decisive with my decisions and intentions.

These stones will be chosen at random, if you have a coloring request you can write it at the end of your order. I will do my best to honor requests as inventory allows.

You will also receive a Fluorite crystal meaning card with your order!

Size: around 1" - 2"

Origin: China

Grade: EX

Ways to use your tumbled crystals:

  • Meditate with your stones. Relax your vibes and let it resonate with your energy

  • Carry it with you. Hold it or slip it into your pocket / purse

  • Feng shui in your home

  • Create a crystal grid

 **Please understand the above description is not a promise to cure ailments. Points of the description have been taken from my favorite crystal books and online resources.**

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