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Amanda and I are always looking for new ways to use crystals in our healing practices. We each are active in following the cycle of the Moon and have been allowing our intuition to guide us to different modalities of healing under these phases. Recently we’ve been incorporating new elements into our practices which inspired this four-part series on Elemental Healing. These blog posts will serve as a starting point as you work your way through crafting your own sacred practices.

This post will provide an introduction to the elements so we can gain familiarity before diving into specific practices. The four elements are Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. Each zodiac sign is attributed to one of these elements. 


Earth signs are Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo. Earth energy tends to be grounded and physically attuned. These people often have a knack for handling matters in the material world. The element of Earth connects us to the rhythmic nature of our lives. Connecting with this element might include activities such as cooking a nourishing meal, standing in the grass in your barefoot (earthing), or sitting under a tree to meditate.


The Air signs of the zodiac are Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini. These individuals are often communicative, creative, and mentally focused. These are people with active minds. You might find that many of them love to write, tell stories, and to learn. The air element connects us with our mental capacity and the power of our minds. You might connect to this element by consciously noticing a gentle breeze, reading a stimulating book, or having a conversation with a loved one.


Our Water friends are tuned into the realm of emotions. They are Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces. These individuals tend to be compassionate and nurturing. They understand the depth of the human emotional experience. Water is cleansing and wise. Ways to connect with this element include taking a bath, standing near a natural body of water and watching its movement, or simply intentionally drinking a glass of water.


Fire signs are vivacious and bold. They are Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius. This element brings massive bursts of creativity. The element of fire is excellent for transmutation - changing the nature of something. With fire energy you often see confidence and initiative. To connect to this element you might burn a candle, spend time in the sun, or participate in physical activity that increases your heart rate.

We look forward to deepening our individual practices using these modalities and encourage you to join us by sharing your own experience with the elements and how you have utilized them to heal yourself. We will be sharing these during the Full Moon cycles over the course of the next four months bringing us through to the end of the year. Our next post will be published during the Pisces Full Moon and we will share a practice in healing with water. Can’t wait! Until then, take care and be kind to yourself and the world around you.


The phases of the Moon are a powerful way to work with Nature and your body’s rhythm. This post is dedicated to highlighting the difference between a New Moon and a Full Moon.


The New Moon and Full Moon each occur once a month approximately 2 weeks apart from one another. The New Moon is considered to be the beginning of the Lunar Month and always falls in the same zodiac sign as the current Sun season, reflecting the energy of that sign. The New Moon is the time of the month when the night sky is at its darkest. With the Moon resting between the Earth and the Sun, any light is reflected back towards the sun leaving us to only see darkness where she sits. The Moon has seemingly disappeared from us. This is a potent time for inner work and setting our intentions for the month ahead.

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The Full Moon occurs about 2 weeks after a New Moon. During this time, the Earth sits between the Sun and the Moon reflecting the suns light back to us. A Full Moon will sit in the zodiac sign opposite of the current Sun placement which creates the energies of illumination and amplification.

As we set our intentions at the New Moon, the Full Moon is the culmination of the energy around those intentions. This phase will bring up anything and everything that needs released in order to fully manifest and embody our intentions. This part of the cycle can bring out intensity and volatility if we are not aware of what is happening energetically. Practice patience and gentleness with yourself and others (always, but especially under this influence).


In short, Moon phases are an excellent way to guide your Spiritual journey on the Earth plane. During the New Moon, take some time to yourself to reflect on an intention you’d like to manifest in your life. Over the next two weeks, allow yourself to be gently guided by your Higher Self. During the Full Moon be open to what becomes amplified in order to fully embody and bring that intention into existence. Let us know in the comments what intentions you will be setting this New Moon or if you have further questions you might want us to cover in our future Astrology posts!

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