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The elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) carry unique healing properties. Standing barefoot in your backyard or in a park brings you grounding and connection to Mother Earth. Allowing the wind to caress your skin brings a sense of calm and trust in the constant changing nature of reality. Meditating on a flame brings transformation and transmutation. And lastly, water is an excellent source of cleansing, especially for your emotional body.

Under this Pisces Full Moon, water is the element we will feel most deeply. Water is associated with the emotional realm, the depth of which Pisces energy experiences most uniquely in their strengthened imagination and attunement to the Spirit realm. This Elemental Healing series will focus on working with the Full Moon’s element and one healing practice associated with it. For this Full Moon, we are talking about crystal infused baths.

Amanda’s husband is (not so) secretly one of my favorite humans to run into. He radiates a particular innocence and childlike curiosity that makes my heart literally melt. A few weeks ago, Amanda shared he has really been getting into baths. With my own love and appreciation for baths to end my day, this particular revelation brought me much joy and excitement. This fascination quickly trickled into Amanda’s list of self-care practices.

To me, there is a sense of relaxation, slowing down and appreciation with running a bath. As I dove deeper in my healing journey, baths became an active part of my practice. I learned that after a particularly stressful day or even upon waking up from challenging dreamwork, I could draw a bath, light candles and incense, surround myself with crystals, and take a moment to honor myself for showing up despite the difficulties.

In my own bath practice, I became curious about how to add extra magic to the water. I used to be big on Lush bath bombs, but that gets expensive and since these baths were a way for me to cleanse and detox I wanted to become more conscious of what was in the water itself. I looked around my space for a more holistic approach I noticed we had a vase of roses that was on its way out. I peeled off individual petals, placing them gently in the water. The frequency of a rose: love especially of Self, honor, respect and beauty.

bath potion.jpg

We planted herbs in our garden so on another occasion I clipped some sprigs of Lavender, Rosemary and Chamomile. Lavender and Chamomile are both particularly calming herbs which promote a peaceful feeling in a restless or troubled heart and mind. Rosemary is detoxifying and rejuvenating. I know Tony and Amanda are big proponents of adding Salts for detoxification (something I am particularly curious to try on my own). If you have Epsom salt or Dead Sea salt on hand, this is worth a try. You can read more about the benefits of taking a salt bath here!

Leading up to the Full Moon in Sagittarius, I was becoming interested in making crystal tinctures. Just playing with the idea in my imagination. Usually on a Full Moon, I lay out important pieces of my practice on my Altar and leave them for a full 24 hours to give them time to be blessed in the Sacred Space in the Illuminating Light. This moon, I took all of my crystals out of the bowl they are housed in and felt called to pour water into the bowl to add an element of emotional cleansing to the space. I then followed a whim to allow my Amethyst wand to rest in the water. 

The next day, I drew a bath. While drawing the water, I decided to turn it into a magic potion for my body. I added Lavender essential oil and Rose Water. Before resting in the water, I removed the Amethyst from the bowl and ceremoniously poured the infusion into the bath itself. My current relationship with Amethyst is one of healing my mind, body, and spirit. I have been asking for its assistance in balancing my thoughts, feelings, and actions. Gently, but powerfully Amethyst is guiding me toward nourishing and enriching choices. In that Full Moon bath, I experienced a deep sense of calm, peace, and trust.

I shared with Amanda the beauty of this moment. Inspired by this, she decided to set her New Moon intentions with her own crystal bath infusion (beautifully captured here). Her intuition guided her to set crystals all around the bath - not necessarily in the water itself. This is something else I often do for my baths, laying the crystals in the space, watching over and blessing the act with their loving intentions.

There are many ways to practice self-care and love. If you are fortunate enough to have a space and ability to draw a bath occasionally, I gently encourage you to try out infusing them with your own healing needs: herbs, crystals, salts. Not into baths, but want to incorporate water into your Moon practice - here are some additional ideas:

  • Visit a natural body of water: lake, river, ocean, etc (soak in those negative ions!)

  • Fill a bowl with water and place in the center of the space in which you choose to heal/practice

  • Steam cleansing

  • Speak a spell of loving tenderness into a glass of water or cup of tea before ingesting

  • Sit on your porch in the rain

  • Sit next to a water feature such as a fountain

  • Create a gem elixir

Share your Moon practices with us on social media by tagging @rockswithsass. Next up in the elemental healing series: Fire.

**Remember not all crystals are water safe - you can read more about that here!**

Personal favorites to use in water include: Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Quartz, & Citrine.