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How to Create a Crystal Grid

A sole crystal can be a great reminder of our own personal intentions all on its own.  However, there are times when one crystal just doesn't have the energy to aid us when we need it most.  Whether your goal is to practice self-love, to balance your mind and body, or to sleep more soundly through the night, crystal grids are a powerful, easy, and fun method to set a much more powerful reminder of your intention!

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Crystal grids unify the energies of the crystals its made up of within a sacred geometry to amplify the focus of an intention.  There are many different geometries and crystal combinations you can use. The crystals and geometry you choose, based on their meanings or shapes, compliment the intention and amplify its energy.  A quick guide to crystal meanings can be found on our Crystal Meanings page to help you choose the crystals that resonate best with your grid's purpose.  The crystals you choose for your grid can be in any form: geodes, points, clusters, tumbled, raw, or a combination.  Points, namely, are best for directing energy, and are often used for a grid's center crystal, best known as the Master Crystal.  However, the most effective crystal grids are created by listening to your intuition and choosing the crystals, geometry, and crystal placement that speak most to you.  

How to make a crystal grid

After selecting your crystals and geometry, cleansing your space and crystals creates a fresh, neutral base for your crystal grid.  Cleansing removes negative energy, allowing your crystal grid to embody the whole of your intention with no lingering and distracting energies.  A full guide to cleansing your crystals and space can be found here.  You should choose a space that will help amplify the positive energy of your grid: your office, bedroom, a study space etc.  Placing your grid on a flat, safe surface, such as a table or shelf, is best.


As your intention is the focal point of your crystal grid, crystals should be placed on your grid from the outside in.  As you're placing your crystals on your grid, keep your intention in mind, filling each crystal with a piece its positive energies.  The crystal you place at the core of your grid is your Master Crystal: the whole of your intention and the direction of the other crystals' energies on your grid lead to this sole crystal.  When placing this crystal, be sure to really hone in your focus on your intention; if you wish, you can also write your intention on a piece of paper, fold it, and place it underneath your Master Crystal.  Once the Master Crystal is placed in the center of your grid, your crystal grid is complete!  


Once your grid is completely pieced together, you may take a quartz crystal and connect the dots with the crystals on your grid.  This is one method of activating your grid; another is to quietly meditate, centering yourself and visualizing your intention being completed.  

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