When my partner brought home our first orb of Labradorite, I didn’t think much of it. I guess it was a pretty cool shade of grey, but I found a deeper connection to the Rose Quartz sphere he’d found specifically for me. I created little notecards denoting all of the properties of the crystals in our home, strategically placing them throughout the house. The Rose Quartz at my Altar, the Malachite on his desk, Rhodonite ended up in the living room, as for the Labradorite, it found a resting place in our bathroom.

Before I dive too deep into my experiences with Labradorite, let’s discuss its properties. Labradorite: The stone of Magic. This stone offers deep and lasting transformation. Highly protective from negativity, it will guide you to finding Adventure and Balance. This is an excellent stone for anyone who does work in the dream realms or in past lives. It will offer insight and protection on these journeys.

I always made note of that Labradorite orb when entering the bathroom. Curious if the “magic” or “transformation” its little notecard boasted would ever touch my life. At that time, I was enjoying life, sure, but there felt as if something was still missing. I worked one job that I sort of liked but mostly spent my time dreading going in or hating my life for being there, but I continued to hold the belief that drudgery was a normal piece of the work-life balance. Noting the stark contrast of MK at work and MK at home invested in her work led me to begin actively challenging the path I was on.

Around the time we received our first Labradorite, I was beginning to invest my free time in a creative project, one without a clear trajectory but whose curiosity fueled my interest and passion. I was working nights at the time, but I began committing larger chunks of my time off to creative endeavors, exploring my interests, and most importantly, I began to share my creations and insights with others.

I would wake up in the morning, write, show up for myself at my altar, make art, share that art, then I would go to work. This routine made those work shifts a little more bearable and also provided a much more gentle, compassionate perspective when the feelings of rage or frustration made themselves known. I would return home on those days and I would draw a bath. I would light as many candles as I could physically fit in the room, I would surround the Labradorite with other crystals, and finally after releasing a bath bomb into the water, and I would dream. Sitting in the bathtub with Gratitude for all of it. The sustenance creativity gave me, the job I was working for providing financial support, my partner for reflecting stability and honest encouragement.

So for a few months, I just existed in this place that was directly in the middle of gentle & guiding and extremely infuriating & frustrating. Balancing my anger with Trust in Divine Timing. And for the third time Amanda was asking for help at Rocks with Sass.

Here I am a few months later, intentionally working with Labradorite for a job I feel fits into the truth of my Being, for a job that sustains me both financially and creatively.

There were two intentions that touched my heart when we chose Labradorite as our next Crystal of the Week: Magic and Transformation. The two intentions that jumped off that little notecard with the orb in the bathroom just a few months earlier. What did conscious intentional focus on Magic and Transformation look like?

One of my first tasks in writing this post for you was to define these words for myself. Defining exactly what it is you are seeking assists the Universe in bringing that Gift to you more easily. It allows you to not confuse your view of a concept with what you believe the world sees within that concept.

To me, Magic is the unseen forces guiding us. It is the Universe, God, Spirit itself. Magic is an inner knowing. It is Divine Timing: a synthesis of synchronicity and deja vu. As I dive deeper into myself, the feelings of having been here before sink further into my bones. With these feelings of familiarity, I am met with courage and strength to learn the lessons I am being asked. When I wake up and am met with feelings of rage, I now know to greet it as an old friend, to ask it questions, to allow it to speak to me. I always listen, I do not allow myself to censor that voice. Once I hear its remarks, “You should have written this blog post by now. You should have your business and your website off the ground. You should have every detail of your life in order. You should be this or that. Should, should, should..,” it trails off. As it finishes screaming at me, I can now take a deep breath and allow the message to sink in with tenderness and compassion, two attributes my past self never would have dreamed to feel when an intense emotion like rage makes itself known.

Now that I have heard its message I can almost guarantee I will crack open and release in someway: tears may pour down, a smile may surface on my face, laughter may echo from my throat. And this happens over and over again. With every feeling or painful experience, I welcome these unseen forces to intervene, to join me in listening to the challenging messages, I give myself over to Spirit and I am guided to truly heal. I make my way closer each time to the real issues and fears at hand. It isn’t that my rage is wrong, it’s childish often, but not necessarily wrong.

Transformation is Magic in action. It is the process of creation which can happen in all sorts of speeds. Much of this post was channeled during the slowest moving season, in my opinion, Taurus. Everything moves slower at the bull’s pace. We plant the flowers, but they don’t necessarily bloom, we rest, we celebrate, we eat. This season was so slow for me, but I finally learned to take a deep breath of appreciation as the quick, witty, too fast for its own good nature of Gemini season approached. Ah, to breathe the air of the Earth for just a moment longer. Transformation is happening on its own time but do trust it is happening.

For me, my Transformation began when I shifted my life into ‘Mary Magduh’. It has been a little over a year and already I see changes in myself, I feel I have a place and a voice within the world. The transformations I witness aren’t always necessarily about forging ahead with the work and creating something. These transformations often happen in silent moments alone at my Altar, at night when I draw a bath, when I consciously choose to care for myself. Transformation is small shifts and changes in the ways of being.

To transform is literally to change shape. We live in a world of forms. The stories we tell build this world and I believe each individual has the power to alter and shift their form by means of embracing, honoring, and sharing their story from the Truth of their Hearts. With each moment of strength I find to tell my story, I transform.

Labradorite eased my mind about the past. Things I needed to come to terms with, feelings that had outstayed their welcome, thoughts of Self-Worth and Self-Respect that needed to be rewired and replugged around. In beginning to heal the way I viewed my past, I was able to see something I had long forgotten to dream up: a life I was proud of both living and sharing with those who chose to walk alongside me. Working with Labradorite, I have discovered courage and received the strength to share my story in yet another blog for you to enjoy. Shifting some of the weight I was carrying opened up a world of possibility that I am eager to share with you.

Sharing my perspective has always been a gift to so many in my life. I have always known this. I witness it in action when someone at work says, “It’s going to be slow tonight so I won’t make any money.” To which I respond, “Oh sure, I bet you make $150 and still leave before 9.” And they run up to me the next day to ask how I knew. I didn’t know anything, I just painted a picture for you that you weren’t able to see. Over the course of my time with Labradorite, I became reacquainted with this shifting perspective, the ability I hold within myself to Transform seeming darkness into golden light.

Alongside Labradorite, both consciously with my palm stone and unconsciously with that orb that started its magic during all those late night self-care baths, I have been gifted perspective. My imagination is becoming less restrictive. This allows me to tenderly uncover all areas of vulnerability in my life and extend love and forgiveness toward them. This shift in perspective allows me the freedom to tell my story with courage, grace, and humility.

Working with Labradorite has welcomed Magic and Transformation in the form acceptance… acceptance of the intention my heart had to create and become Mary Magduh. To explore a deeper version of myself that has no conditioning, purely linked to passion and the pursuit of sharing joy and beauty with others. When I began this project, I was sitting in that bathroom concerning myself with healing the doubts I held around deserving a life of my dreams: a life of creative freedom and joy, sharing in this life with those I love. I didn’t always know what this looked like but I knew how it felt. The creation and unveiling of this creative project led me to find the courage to begin finding a work-life balance that was actually balanced. Thank you for popping into my reality Rocks with Sass, and for fueling the continuance of a passionate, whole, magical life. I look forward to growing alongside this Community.

The other day I was standing in the kitchen after a particularly imaginative and creatively inspired day. I was finally beginning to see the path to create my own business, to building my own website to store all of the most important things to me like my mixes, energy reports and my own blog detailing the evolution of Mary Kathryn into Mary Magduh. I am seeing these details, feeling how it feels to have them accomplished, sending gratitude to myself for all the work and alchemy I have experienced and I look up at that little Labradorite orb to thank it for its magical guidance. There in the setting sun, I saw it for the first time, the flash of blue.

With Love, Encouragement, & Gratitude,


Buzzzz words: Magic, Transformation, Protection, Adventure, Visionary, Mystical


  • Aligns the physical body with etheric bodies

  • Grounds spiritual energy into physical body

  • Treats the eyes and brain

  • Stress reliever

  • Regulates metabolism & assists digestion

  • Good for colds & menstrual tension

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Helps warts


  • Aids in rooting out negative patterns by assisting with inner work/shadow integration

  • Brings up suppressed memories


  • Banishes fear and insecurity

  • Strengthens faith and trust in self & the universe

  • Calms overactive mind

  • Heightens imagination & new ideas

  • Balances analysis and rationality with inner sight

  • Good for mental sharpness


  • Enhances psychic abilities

  • Assists seeing with inner/third eye

  • Useful in magic and ritual practice

  • Psychic Protection

  • Awakens intuitive abilities such as clairvoyance, telepathy, astral travel, communication with Higher Guides

  • Increased experiences with Divine timing such as synchronicity and deja vu

  • “Interdimensional Stone” able to connect our reality with inner domains of awareness

  • Protects against negativity

  • Prevents energy leakage

  • Helps access spiritual purpose

  • Removes projections from others

  • Prepares soul and body for ascension


  • Corresponding Chakra: All

  • Hardness: 6-6.5

  • Color flashes called “Labradorescence”

  • Found in Canada and Madagascar

  • LABRADORITE LEGEND: Warrior found Labradorite and saw the flashes of color. He wanted to “free” them from the rock so he struck it with his spear and let some of the colors out into the night sky which is said to be the birth of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

  • Useful companion through change

  • Harmonizing Stones: Moonstone, Moldavite

  • Stones that came up to assist in writing this blog: Amethyst, Botswana Agate, Fluorite, Aquamarine, Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Rose Quartz


The Crystal Healer by Philip Permutt

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

The Pocket Book of Stones by Robert Simmons