MERCURY RETROGRADE & crystal companions


From a scientific perspective, a retrograde planet is one that is apparently moving backwards. This is because every planet has a different orbit around the Sun. Basically, a retrograde planet is actually an optical illusion, energetically playing tricks on our psyches. Because Mercury is much quicker to move around the Sun, it appears to go backward in the sky approximately three times a year which adds to its impact.


From a spiritual and astrological perspective, this transit plays a role in our development on the soul level. The planet Mercury rules communication, travel and technology. These retrograde periods give us an opportunity to review the ways in which we communicate with others and with ourselves, they allow us to slow down and review our direction, and they give us an opportunity to rethink the ways in which we do our work and live our lives. A retrograde planet’s energy allows us to go inward and find our own answers. It is a period of review and renewal and not necessarily one in which new projects will easily get off the ground and that’s completely ok as this makes these 3 week periods an excellent time to connect to and heal our past before charging forward into the future.

Mercury Retrograde is a time to bring together your logical, scientific mind and your sensing, spiritual mind. Understanding that the retrograde motion is an optical illusion as well as being aware of planetary themes during this time, can tap us into deeper awareness states if we open ourselves up to resolving places of conflict within ourselves. If we allow ourselves space to know and understand ourselves better, we will be met with opportunities to integrate our shadows more fully, opening ourselves up to higher states of Self.

  • Blue Lace Agate - an extremely nurturing, gentle stone that assists in raising the frequency of our communication. Its calming nature will be especially helpful during more intense retrograde moments, allowing us tenderness with ourselves and our lessons.

  • Sodalite - works well in promoting harmony in group dynamics which will be especially helpful as we review our communications with ourselves within our communities. This stone will keep you connected to your intuition and provide clarity.

  • Fluorite - an excellent stone for decision making. Fluorite during Mercury Retrograde will provide you with energy to discern which lessons you are being asked to learn and which you can gently release.

  • Aquamarine - Mercury Retrograde also affects our travels (commutes to and from work, walks to the park, trips to the beach) and an excellent stone to carry for protection on our journeys is Aquamarine. This is also a stone that connects us to our Higher Self so it will be especially helpful when Mercury Retrograde drudges up shadow patterns that need integrated during this period. Aquamarine will provide you with a deep sense of Trust in the Universe and the Divine Plan.

  • Rose Quartz - the stone of Love on every level. Rose Quartz keeps us connected to our Heart center opening us to deep levels of Transformation through Forgiveness, Self-Respect, and Harmony. Keeping a piece of Rose Quartz with you during Mercury Retrograde will assist in grounding the wildness of your Heart with the Grace of your Being.