Hello All - Happy New Year! Now that we have gone through our first New Moon of the year, I feel it has officially begun. My name is Mary Kate (MK) and I joined Rocks with Sass over the holidays to assist Amanda in packing all of your heartfelt holiday orders. I hope they were received right on time and with immense amounts of joy and love. I am here to chat with you today about the magic of Fluorite.

I did not own a piece of Fluorite until after I had done my research. Before I held my own crystal, I learned Fluorite is a healing stone. I found that it assists with decisiveness, aids in detox, and protects against electromagnetic stress. It also stabilizes the emotions and aura. Fluorite is a stone for those seeking Self-Confidence. It encourages you to break fixed, addictive, or destructive patterns, while simultaneously helping create structure. After my research, I realized this blog post could be so much more for you, for us, if I had a piece of my own, so I waited until after the holiday to write

I returned to Rocks with Sass on January 2. Amanda and I had only been apart for 10 days and as soon as I took my seat in our newly renovated work space, immediately I felt connected to Spirit, to my Soul and its purpose. Amanda and I caught up on our holidays, the black hole that is the week between Christmas and the New Year, how it felt like time both stopped and accelerated all in the same breath. Had I even been able to catch my breath? That week for me was spent researching this post and enjoying time with loved ones. I also spent it shying away from my vegan diet and recoiling from my Artistic projects. I witnessed myself back in bars drinking again, an activity I have been trying to overcome for years. While I enjoyed myself, there was a piece of me asking the entire time, “What are you doing? You know you have work to do.”

Back at Rocks with Sass in Amanda’s intuitive, eager, hopeful presence, I could finally see what that last week of 2018 really was: an end of year review. It was a moment to make a conscious decision about what was essential to my life moving forward. In that first conversation of 2019, I realized I had a vision for myself that included and honored Rocks with Sass. Simultaneously, Amanda had developed a vision for her business that included and honored me. We laughed for both not mentioning how powerful this post could be if I owned the crystal that was being featured. We packed the orders received over the holidays and before I left that day, I picked out my very own tumbled piece of Fluorite. The crystal I chose was oblong and triangular, mostly green with hues of purple and blue. It fit my hand nicely, I especially enjoyed holding it in my fingers right in the crease of my thumb.

Immediately, on my drive home, I noticed an ability to cut through my anxiety, to pinpoint the emotional patterns that were on repeat in my life. I kept the stone on me as I settled into the New Year. I allowed my mind to wander back to its intentions when I felt familiar fears and anxieties arise. For me, the biggest intention I was drawn to was that Fluorite promotes Discernment - a concept that continues to come up in my practice.

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I began studying Astrology as a way to better understand myself and the energy of the world around me in 2014. Over the course of my studies, I discovered Human Design - a system that creates an energetic blueprint of an individual at the time of their birth. From the beginning I was most drawn to a specific part of my chart - the Gene Keys made up of 64 Hexagrams. I spent this last year enveloping myself in the language of the Gene Keys, uncovering myself, getting deeply uncomfortable with the language of my conditioning and the extreme, polarized Shadow patterns keeping my heart and Spirit locked tight.

In my Practice, I began to notice I was being drawn to the 13th Hexagram over and over. The gift received within this Hexagram is that of Discernment: the same gift Fluorite is known to bring.

Discernment develops when we get in touch with our emotions, when we begin to take responsibility for the patterns our emotional nature plays out. When we are repressing our Soul’s ability to discern an enriching experience from a draining one, we are literally avoiding the pain and pleasure spectrum. As energetic beings we have a deep need to know and understand extremes - the realm of good and bad, wanted and unwanted. Because of our past experiences in unwanted realms, we can often discount experiences that could potentially bring great wholeness to our Being.

The end of 2018 brought up a great need for Discernment in my life. I spent the year allowing myself to connect to an Art project that was begging to be explored. I created my first altar, my sacred space away from the world where I go to connect to my center, my Spirit, my Soul. In this space, I always choose love: self-love, forgiveness, compassion. It was in this space, I saw a Shadow of myself in an incorrect work situation. I meditated on what I was doing for work and saw a grotesque, ugly, undesirable image of myself. I chose to hold space for this image, I chose to gaze directly into my eyes as a reminder it was not the only path, as a reminder to be patient. It was in this space that Mary Magduh was born - an Art project that brings together my deep love of sound, specifically the magic of musical journeys and my obsessive study of Gene Keys, Human Design, the cycles of the Moon, the subtle changes of time. It was at my altar that I gave myself permission to step outside of my comfort zone and email Amanda about the opportunity to work with her. I was confident when I sent the email that I was someone she was looking for as well. 

In our first interaction, we both had a deep knowingness that this was an important, fruitful connection. We even knew in that first encounter I would end up writing a blog. Finally, I felt that I was in alignment with a future that held space for my past misalignments and honored the hope and promise of a more beautiful, joyful, centered, peaceful future.

In 2019, I promised myself I would ease out of situations and environments that no longer brought me feelings of beauty, joy, wholeness and peace. I promised myself I would leave my other job in search of a more suitable pace and environment. This is the year I received this beautiful Fluorite in order to protect me as I make the necessary changes in order to honor all aspects of myself.  With this Fluorite, I set the intention in my heart for discernment and decisiveness. 

Fluorite dispels confusion and anxiety about our future. Since having my Fluorite, I have committed myself to Rocks with Sass, to writing this blog. I have received permission and encouragement to be who I am, to speak from my heart, to trust Spirit’s guidance in all that I do. I am aligning with a business partner and friend who strengthens her intuition by sharing it with others, who has a pure heart, and a life filled with magic. I have begun the process of removing myself from my old work environment, one I used to enjoy, but have now outgrown. With the aid of Fluorite, I have learned to trust the guidance of my heart. I can feel people upset with some of my decisions, but instead of leaning into the guilt like I would in the past, I have witnessed strength and resilience in myself like never before.

If you are interested in working with Fluorite yourself, we have many different styles available in our online shop as it is one of Amanda’s absolute favorites to work with. Some stones I paired with my Fluorite are Clear Quartz for added clarity, Rose Quartz for a dose of self-love within all of my decision making, and Moonstone to be sure I was connected to my Highest Self when making discerned decisions. There’s no right or wrong way to do this work. Trust that your Spirit and intuition will guide you.

I look forward to continue working with this incredibly powerful and beautiful stone. If you have questions about any of the subject matter in this post, I would love to hear from you. I am looking forward to watching this blog evolve and learning with all of you in 2019. Thank you for reading. Thank you, Amanda, for building this business and welcoming me on board with an open heart. I feel blessed and I cannot wait to continue sharing this journey with all of you.

Until next time, be Gentle & Kind, love always,

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  • Clears environment of confusion, cluttered thoughts, negativity, astral contamination

  • Helps develop Discernment: who/what is allowed into one’s world

  • Improved decision making

  • Associated with progress & creating structure

  • Clearing energy fields

  • Concerns all chakras

  • Element: Wind

  • A highly protective crystal - especially on a psychic level

  • Harmonizing Stones: Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Jet, Obsidian, Lapis, Golden Labradorite, emerald, Pink Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Kunzite, Morganite, Calcite

  • Since Fluorite absorbs negative energy and stress, it must be cleansed after each use


  • Supports brain chemistry

  • Bones & teeth

  • Repairs DNA

  • Powerful against viruses

  • Regenerative for skin

  • Particularly useful with respiratory infection, ulcers, and wounds

  • Beneficial for colds, flu, sinuses

  • Alleviates arthritis, rheumatism, and spinal injury

  • Aids detox

  • Good in early stages of cancer, herpes, ulcers, weight gain, backache, lumbago, eating disorders

  • Provides pain relief

  • Rekindles sexual libido

  • Helps with vertigo/dizziness

  • Balance and coordination

  • Effective against computer/electromagnetic stress

  • Good for spleen


  • Aids in dispelling confusion, dishonesty, anxiety about future

  • Stabilizes emotions

  • Helps you understand the effects the mind and emotions have on the body

  • Teaches balance in relationships

  • Enhances self-confidence


  • Helps with cleansing astral body

  • Stabilizes aura

  • Grounds and integrates Spiritual energies

  • Heightens intuition

  • Makes you aware of higher spiritual realities

  • Can quicken spiritual awakening

  • Links mind with Universal Mind

  • Dissolves illusions/reveals truth


  • Dissolves fixed patterns of behavior

  • Opens door to subconscious

  • Brings suppressed feelings to the surface to be resolved

  • Good for learning — increased concentration - helps absorb new info

  • Promotes quick thinking


  • Place on computer or between yourself and source of electromagnetic smog

  • Hold during meditation

  • Place somewhere in your environment, especially in your workspace

  • Position as appropriate for healing

  • Wear as jewelry