Diving Deep Into: AMETHYST


If you are looking to grow in your spirituality, find inner peace and step away from destructive behaviors, Amethyst is the stone for you. Before we dive into the transformative healing properties of this powerful crystal lets talk basics. Amethyst is a purple variety of the mineral Quartz that ranges in color from pale to deep purple, depending on the combination of trace amounts of Iron and Aluminum. Be sure you don't leave your Amethyst baby in the sun for too long or that dark deep purple will fade to a lighter hue. As one of the most common crystals, it can be found in Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, Africa, Canada, Russia, the USA and Europe.

Amethyst is February’s birthstone, so this crystal will naturally be even more powerful during this time. Astrologically speaking Amethyst associates with the Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces signs.

Many choose to decorate their home with Amethyst based off its appearance. However, if placed in the right room it can have many metaphysical benefits as well. For instance, in the family room it can help facilitate family bonding time and provide the confidence and calmness necessary for open communication. Amethyst in the office can help you with making tough decisions and is a stress-reliever for long workdays. And lastly, place Amethyst in the bathroom to relieve anxiety during a soothing bath.


With its high spiritual vibration, Amethyst stimulates the third eye chakra (read about chakras here) and enhances higher states of consciousness during meditation. Hold this crystal while you meditate to still your thoughts and improve your intuition and open-mindedness. As one of the most spiritual stones it connects us to our higher power (All That Is, The One, Source, God etc), allowing us to reconnect with our own divinity. Once we are connected to our higher power true spiritual and energy healing may begin.

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Amethyst is especially supportive of the emotional body, bringing those who are overworked, overstressed, or overwhelmed back to center. It can elicit the feeling that you are surrounded by a "bubble of light", thus creating a calmness, protecting you against the stresses of everyday life. It balances out your highs and lows, promoting emotional centering. This is a wonderful crystal to use if you frequently find yourself in situations where you are unsure how to take action because of your emotions. 

Amethyst is widely known for supporting sobriety, but sobriety doesn't translate into alcohol alone. This also applies to food, drugs, gambling and anything else that is a compulsive destructive behavior. This stone interacts with your auric field turning those addictive, self-sabotaging thoughts into positive ideas and actions. Meditating and setting a clear intention to break free from whatever addiction you have will increase the effectiveness. 

A great alleviator of sadness, it supports coming to terms with loss. Its presence helps one understand that there is no death, only transitioning and changing of forms. It encourages the release of grief, and rejoicing in a loved one’s spirit being freed from the confinement of the physical body.

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In addition to Mind and Spirit, Amethyst has powerful physical healing effects. If you have trouble with insomnia, place Amethyst under your pillow or mattress (I recommend a small tumbled stone), or rub on the center of the forehead counter-clockwise. Likewise, you can use this technique for headaches and migraines. Amethyst also strengthens the cleansing and eliminating organs by regulating flora, removing parasites and encouraging reabsorption of water. It's an excellent cleanser for the blood and increases circulation. Good for the health of the immune, circulatory and sympathetic nervous systems, bones, heart, skin, teeth, liver, and endocrine glands.

There are many ways to incorporate Amethyst into your life! Here are a few ideas:

  • Mediate with your crystal - Hold your crystal in your hand. Close your eyes and quiet your mind. Focus your attention on your breathing and set an intention or repeat an affirmation. Imagine your words spiraling down into the crystal. Feel that energy.

  • Wear as jewelry. This is the easiest way to always have crystal energy near you.

  • Decorate your home with good vibes.

  • Create a crystal grid - you can learn how here.

  • Carry tumbled stones in your pocket or purse. By carrying your crystal around with you it is a constant reminder of the energy you are harnessing. Take it out and hold it in your hand when you are feeling nervous or need a little boost.


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**Please understand the above description is not a promise to cure ailments. Points of the description have been taken from my favorite crystal books and online resources.**