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I am excited to announce Rocks with Sass will now have a subscription box service! This is the perfect way to grow your crystal collection, learn about meanings & uses, receive new jewelry and other fun gifts. Each month will have a different theme to make sure you never receive the same item twice.

The best part about this offer is the savings; each box will be valued at $86+ and your savings vary based on the length of your subscription up to 45% off! Now thats just crazy.

These prices are pre-sale to guage demand, so be sure to lock in your price before they go up! There will be a limited supply for each month. Boxes will be sent out by the 15th of each month. Please note crystal colors and shapes will vary from box to box. NOT VALID WITH COUPON CODES

  • 1 month price: $49.99 (41% off box value) + FREE SHIPPING
  • 3 month price: $42.84 (50% off box value) X3 + FREE SHIPPING  
  • 6 month price: $37.84 (66% off box value) X6 + FREE SHIPPING

If you would prefer to pay automatically each month via PayPal please use the following links:

3 month subscription:

6 month subscription:

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